Coaching Programs

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Şirin offers a 4 month 1-1 online coaching program for women who want to be happy, healthy, rid of their pain, anxiety and stress, reconnected to themselves and life, and in love with their relationships/parenting and job. She will take you from surviving to thriving, in a very short time!

Fit Men

Max offers a 3 month online group coaching program for men who want to be part of a brotherhood, want freedom and to live a life they desire, want to improve their physical health, diet and fitness, get rid of their guilt and shame, tackle their addictions and ineffective behaviours, and improve their relationships.

Newborn Baby

Şirin is also a

Conscious Parenting Coach @InnateParenting;

and offers either online 1-1 bespoke support to new mothers or pregnant women, or a 3 month 1-1 coaching program for those who wish to parent more consciously and innately.