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Men's Coaching

A 3 month 1:1 online coaching program for men who want to find their voice and purpose, live a healthy lifestyle, live in integrity and aligned with their values - for themselves, their family and their community.

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Our society is killing us, spiritually, mentally and physically. Today's image of masculinity leads us to live our lives in isolation; without a true connection to ourselves and others. We try to work things out alone, because we have been taught that being vulnerable and talking about our emotions is 'weak'. It is no surprise that men are committing suicide 4x more than women and mental health issues are higher than ever.

In the past, in tribes, boys would go through an initiation into manhood with the support of other men. From a young age boys would have healthy male role models and guidance from elders in the village. Today this is not the case. Modern men are forced to muddle through things alone and with a warped perception of manhood.

What have we lost with these changes?
How much is this impacting us and the generations after us?

How is you life?

Are you satisfied or are you stuck?

Are you feeling stagnant and uncomfortable?

How is your work? 

Are you a yes man who finds it really hard to set boundaries?

Are you a nice guy who gives his all and is burnt out when you get home?

How are your relationships?
Do you feel appreciated, seen, understood?
Are you able to support and provide for your family the way you want to?


How are you in social situations?

Do you struggle meeting new people?

Are you lacking confidence, purpose and feeling lost?

How is your physical health?

Are you happy with your health and fitness?

Do you lack the strength and stamina you want?


What vices do you have?

Do you understand why you are using them and how/if they are serving you?


What are your plans in life?

Are you working towards them or are you lacking the conviction to fulfil your goals?

Are you living the life you want or the life that society has you living?

Lone Walk


I've been there... 

I hit rock bottom,

I lost my integrity, my purpose, myself, my wife and kids and my home

I was consumed by my shame and guilt

I struggled to understand what I felt and what I wanted

I was living out of alignment with my values and my goals;

living a lie, being someone I thought others wanted me to be,

acting out of alignment with my true-self just to get the approval and attention of others.


How did I get out?

I found meaning again,

 dug deep into my wounds and trauma, 

found something bigger than myself,

joined a group of men who held me accountable, supported and coached me,

I was given a safe space to feel and express myself,

shown the way to stop pleasing others and start realigning with my own values, goals and purpose,

I started living in integrity and showing up for myself, my family and my community.

We need other men!

We need to learn how to feel and how to talk;

to be heard and held by other men, who have been through it and have come out the other side. 

Join me in that space brother.

The program

Month 1


Together we will unpack your past, helping you to understand your childhood and the impact that it has on you. This is where you acknowledge the past and remain mindful of it moving forward.


The process of reflection is illuminating, but when the lights first go on, you will feel extreme discomfort and resistance.

Month 2


I will help you to question your stories and learn how those stories have wired your brain. We will workout how to adjust your mindset, your language and your limiting beliefs.

Month 3


Finally you get to reconnect to your true self - by that I mean getting clear on YOUR values, setting YOUR boundaries and YOUR goals.


Clarifying these will have a ripple effect and improve your life and relationships.


1:1 Calls

Weekly 1 hour online coaching calls 




Weekly online assignments


daily coaching

DAILY access to me for coaching and accountability - via an app called Marco Polo!



Lifetime access to resources and course material

ALL of this for ONLY £80 per week!
(worth £160 pw!)  

OR a £40 per week payment plan

AND a 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee!


 I have been working closing with Max Hewitt in a number of areas. During our time together his dedication, consideration, compassion and kindness have shone through. Max has used his knowledge and experience as a healthcare professional to assist me time and again with both physical and psychological advice. His support and friendship are now a large part of my development, and I hope they will be a big part of my future, as well.

Mark Field

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About Me

Max Hewitt

I am a Holistic Life Coach, an unschooling (home educating) father, and I also work part time for the NHS (with 15 years experience within the UK healthcare sector). I offer physical, mental and emotional

support specifically to men.

Whilst I highly value and appreciate our health service and western medicine for dealing with acute conditions, I became increasingly frustrated with the bureaucracy and lack of understanding and efforts to prevent and cure chronic illnesses
(which are now flooding our society).
This has fuelled my desire to do something to address the root causes, rather than merely 'fix' the symptoms. I believe that this can only be done by looking at a person and their lifestyle as a whole.


It is my mission to offer support to people and work with them towards a better quality of life. I have completed coaching programs and courses with Dr Gabor Maté, Preston SmilesAlison Armstrong, and many more... and continue to develop myself whenever I can!

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