Fit Men

Innate Brotherhood

A 3 month online group coaching program for men who want to be part of a brotherhood, the freedom to live a life they desire, to improve their physical health, diet & fitness, to get rid of their guilt & shame, to tackle their addictions & ineffective behaviours, and to improve their relationships.

Can you relate...

Our society is killing us spiritually, mentally and physically. Today's image of masculinity leads us to live our lives in isolation; without a true connection to ourselves and others. We try to work things out alone, because we have been taught that being vulnerable and talking about our emotions is 'weak'. It is no surprise that men are committing suicide 4x more than women and mental health issues are higher than ever. In the past, in tribes, boys would go through an initiation into manhood with the support of other men. From a young age boys would have healthy male role models and guidance from elders in the village. Today this is not the case. Modern men are forced to muddle though things alone and with a warped perception of manhood. What have we lost with these changes? How much is this impacting us and the generations after us?

Do you want...

  • To improve your physical health, diet and fitness?

  • To awaken your consciousness?

  • To work through your childhood wounds, traumas and social conditioning?

  • To step out of your comfort zones?

  • To address your fears?

  • To reconnect to your true-self and live a life that YOU desire?

  • To get rid of your guilt and shame?

  • To tackle your addictions and ineffective behaviours?

  • To become comfortable with opening up and vulnerability?

  • To learn to communicate effectively with the women and children in your life, and have healthier relationships?

  • To love and hold space for yourself and others?

  • To be part of something bigger than yourself; a brotherhood of men who you can rely on and who can rely on you?

  • To explore and understand your place in this world? 

  • To regain some of the old wisdom?

The program

Month 1

Mental Health

I will help you unpack and understand your childhood/past traumas,

become aware of your wounds, triggers and social conditioning,

and begin your powerful healing journey.

Month 2

Month 3

Physical Health

We will get to the root of and overcome
any addictions /ineffective behaviours,
and work on diet & nutrition, movement & exercise,
and sleep & relaxation.



Group Calls

Weekly 2 hour coaching calls via Zoom.



Weekly online assignments.



A private Facebook group for support & accountability.



Unlimited access to resources & course material.

All of this for only £650!

or 4 monthly instalments of £220


I am so confident that this program will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, and I guarantee that you will agree. If you don't feel the same after the first month of coaching with me, then I promise to give you your money back.