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Love Yourself,
Live Your Life

A 4 month 1-1 online coaching program for women who want to be happy, healthy, rid of their pain, anxiety and stress, reconnected to themselves and life, and in love with their relationships/parenting.

Is this you...

  • Are you feeling fed up, stressed, anxious, burnt out, lonely or misunderstood?

  • Do you put yourself down and lack confidence, self-love and self-worth?

  • Do you struggle with putting yourself and your own needs first, speaking your truth, placing boundaries, or people pleasing?

  • Do you find yourself feeling happy and content if everything is going well, and end up back in despair each time your circumstances change? Does your happiness depend on other people or things outside of you?

  • Have you tried counselling, therapy, complimentary therapies, etc. to only get short term relief of the symptoms?

  • Is your relationship strained, do you and your partner constantly argue/bicker, do you wish you could communicate better, connect more and have more quality time together?

  • Is parenting stressful and a constant battle, do you actually look forward to your kids going to school / you going to work just so you can get a break?

  • Do you wish you enjoyed life more, had a job that you were excited about, could be your own boss, or simply be able to work less and have more time with your family / doing the things you love?

  • Do you spend hours scrolling on social media or binge watching Netflix, do you long for that glass of wine every evening, constantly crave junk food, or do anything else that makes you feel better / distracts you?

  • Do you wish your physical health was better - that you were slimmer, fitter, had more energy and less fatigue, able to get better sleep or didn't suffer from whatever pain / chronic condition you have?

  • Do you wonder if there is more to life or if THIS is it?

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Believe me when I say that I COMPLETELY understand what you are feeling and experiencing...
I have been there too.

 I had a challenging childhood, was bullied at school, suffered from anxiety and depression, ended up in a toxic relationship and separated twice from my husband, struggled as a single mother (despite being so determined to parent differently and not repeat my own childhood experiences), struggled with people pleasing and setting boundaries, hated my job, and lacked so much confidence, self-love and self-worth. I tried YEARS of counselling, therapy, complimentary therapies, reading self-help books, various diets, etc... and don't get me wrong, while they all have their place and were helpful at the time, they only offered short term relief and I found myself ending up back at the same place, experiencing the same feelings of hopelessness, hating myself and my life, and thinking nothing would ever change for me.

So how did I get out of it?

When I eventually hit rock bottom and felt suicidal, I realised I had 3 choices - either I give up, I continue as I am and mess up my son's life too, or I finally get my act together and change MYSELF first. I went for the latter... and threw myself into the world of self-development and coaching. I took out a credit card and got myself a life coach! It was absolutely priceless and completely changed my life FOREVER. I healed from my past, learned to love myself and know my worth, quit my job, made my dreams a reality, stopped people pleasing, and my husband and I finally saved our marriage and built a healthy and thriving relationship with each other and our son! To this day I continue to have breakthroughs and see the ripple effects that it has on me and my whole life. The impact was SO BIG that I knew I had to become a coach myself,  to help others stuck in the same situations!

And if I can have all of this... then I promise YOU can too!

So how would you like...

  • To get to the root of everything you are feeling and experiencing...
    and change it ONCE AND FOR ALL?


  •  To experience self-love, self-worth, confidence, freedom, happiness and love?

  • To reconnect to your true-self, learn to trust your instincts, stop people pleasing and make your dreams and goals a reality?

  • To create a life that you LOVE, on YOUR terms?

  • To have more time with your family and friends / doing the things you love? 

  • To have healthier, happier and thriving relationships / parenting?

  • To improve your physical health, diet, fitness, energy levels, sleep, and anxiety?


Claire Teakle Metcalfe

The value of the holistic life coaching program with Şirin is priceless. Purely from my change in attitude and outlook; I don't believe a monetary value could quantify it! You can't even begin to imagine the changes, and the way that they ripple through every aspect of your life. Şirin is an incredible lady and she is so easy to talk to.



Sharon Forrest

Within the first month of having weekly sessions I can notice a difference in myself. The opportunity to reflect on my past, understand my triggers and challenge my own narratives has been transformative. Having this time to focus on myself, my emotions and my pain has helped me have breakthroughs I could not even have foreseen!


Ioana Barbu

Grateful for my amazing Holistic Life Coach, Şirin, looking after my mental health and her knowledge of women's bodies. I'd recommend her with my whole heart, she genuinely got me through my darkest time!

The program

Month 1


I will help you unpack and understand your childhood/past traumas,

become aware of your wounds, triggers and social conditioning,

and begin your powerful healing journey.

Month 2


I will show you how to rewire your brain;
and shift your mindset, language and limiting beliefs. 
We will then take a deep dive into self-love work!

Month 3

Physical Health

We will get to the root of and overcome
any addictions /ineffective behaviours,
and work on diet & nutrition, movement & exercise,
and sleep & relaxation.


Month 4


This is where you will really start reconnecting to your true-self; 
getting clear on YOUR values,
setting YOUR boundaries, standards & goals,
and working on your relationships / parenting.



1-1 Calls

Weekly 1 hour coaching calls via Zoom.



Weekly online assignments.


daily coaching

Daily contact, support & accountability. 

Access to me
for 4 months!!

Via WhatsApp & Marco Polo.



Unlimited access to resources & course material.

All of this for only £1600!

Or 4 monthly instalments of £400

/ 8 monthly instalments of £200


About Me

My name is Şirin Hewitt (pronounced Shirin).
I currently live in the UK with my 
husband and two sons.
I am a Holistic Life Coach, a mindful Parenting Coach, an author, a social activist and an unschooling mother. 

The more I work with clients and gain experience on the mind and body connection, the more I see that no matter what the problem is that women come to me with, the causes and solutions are always the same! This is why I know that a holistic approach is necessary, in order to ensure long lasting changes and mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual health and wellbeing.
I strongly 
believe in getting to the ROOT causes of my client's problems, rather than merely 'fixing' the symptoms (as our society and most therapies do - which only ever offers short-term relief!).