Helping you reconnect
to your true-self,
to nature and
to an innate way of living.
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We are Şirin and Max Hewitt

We are Holistic Life Coaches 
(and wife & husband),
committed to empowering people to love themselves and live the life that they desire.

We each offer 1-1 online coaching to support women and men with their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social health and wellbeing; and to get to the ROOT causes of their challenges (rather than endlessly trying to 'fix' the symptoms).
Whatever area you need help with, we guarantee that working with us will be



A 4 month 1-1 online coaching program for women who want to be happy, healthy, rid of their pain, stress and anxieties, to reconnect to their true-selves, their purpose and life, and to be in love with their relationships/parenting and their job.

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A 3 month 1-1 online coaching program for men who want to find their voice and purpose, live in integrity and aligned with their values, and live holistically - for themselves, their family and their community.


1-1 online support for current or 
expectant mothers
(for as long/short as needed)


A 4 month 1-1 online coaching program for mothers who wish to parent consciously and innately. 

Newborn Baby


1 hour 1-1 online coaching call
with either Sirin or Max


Claire Teakle Metcalfe

The value of the holistic life coaching program with Şirin is priceless. Purely from my change in attitude and outlook; I don't believe a monetary value could quantify it! You can't even begin to imagine the changes, and the way that they ripple through every aspect of your life. Şirin is an incredible lady and she is so easy to talk to.


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Irmak Gough

Şirin has given me invaluable advice about many aspects of parenting. I value and trust her advice because she encourages me to do what is the most natural approach for me and the baby. Her advice during my pregnancy was crucial for preparation for my daughter's arrival but she also supported me on my parenting journey from Day 1! 


Ioana Barbu

Grateful for my amazing Holistic Life Coach, Şirin, looking after my mental health and her knowledge of women's bodies. I'd recommend her with my whole heart, she genuinely got me through my darkest time!


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Thank you for reaching out!


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