Helping you reconnect
to your true-self,
to nature &
to an innate way of living.
Hi! We are Holistic Life Coaches, 
Şirin and Max Hewitt.
We each offer online coaching programs, to help you get to the ROOT causes of your challenges, rather than endlessly trying to 'fix' the symptoms!
Whether you need help with mental health, confidence & self-love, setting boundaries & no longer people pleasing, physical health, diet or fitness, your relationships, parenting, or your career/work-life balance...
we guarantee you that our coaching programs will be LIFE CHANGING!

Coaching Programs

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Şirin offers a 4 month 1-1 online coaching program for women who want to be happy, healthy, rid of their pain, anxiety and stress, reconnected to themselves and life, and in love with their relationships/parenting and job. She will take you from surviving to thriving, in a very short time!

Fit Men

Max offers a 3 month online group coaching program for men who want to be part of a brotherhood, want freedom and to live a life they desire, want to improve their physical health, diet and fitness, get rid of their guilt and shame, tackle their addictions and ineffective behaviours, and improve their relationships.

Newborn Baby

Şirin is also a

Parenting Coach @InnateParenting;

and offers either online 1-1 bespoke support to new mothers or pregnant women, or a 3 month 1-1 coaching program for those who wish to parent more consciously and innately.

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The coaching program has just changed my whole perception

of everything. I had the biggest breakthrough and for the first

time in 2 years I don’t feel angry,

I feel relaxed, I feel happy, I feel

like I can breathe, I feel like this massive weight has been lifted from me.

It has just opened my mind to so much and encouraged me to do things that I would never have done before. I am so proud of myself for where I have come to

in such a short space of time. 


Give it a go, you have nothing to lose and it could just be the change in your life that you need!



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The support that Şirin provided to me, both practically and emotionally, following the birth of my son really did help me get through a very overwhelming time. Every time, night and day, Şirin offered a supportive, understanding and knowledgeable lifeline that absolutely helped me achieve my dream of exclusively breastfeeding my son and staying sane in the process. I have since come to understand that knowledge is key and ‘it takes a village’.

Support is vital at such an important time in your life and knowing that I had someone to call on who understood and cared and also who wanted me to achieve my goal as much as I did helped me immeasurably. Thanks for everything Şirin! Victoria and baby George xxx


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I have been working closely with Max Hewitt in a number of areas

for the past year. During our time together his dedication, consideration, compassion and kindness have shone through.


Max has used his knowledge and experience as a healthcare professional to assist me time

and again with both physical

and psychological advice.


His support and friendship are

now a large part of my development, and I hope they

will be a big part of my future,

as well.



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Thank you for contacting us


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