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Innate Living

Şirin & Max Hewitt

We are extremely passionate about
love and humanity. 

Through our Holistic Life Coaching,

we help people to reconnect to their

true selves, to nature and to an

innate way of living. 

We believe in a holistic and

personalised approach

(as one size does not fit all);
in order to promote the physical,

mental, emotional, social and spiritual

well-being of our clients.

We believe that every human has

the right to freedom, love, happiness

and good health;

and we are committed to supporting

and empowering people to live

the life that they deserve and love.


Innate Living

A 4 Month Holistic Life Coaching Programme with Şirin & Max.

The coaching program has just changed my whole perception

of everything. I had the biggest breakthrough and for the first

time in 2 years I don’t feel angry,

I feel relaxed, I feel happy, I feel

like I can breathe, I feel like this massive weight has been lifted from me.

It has just opened my mind to so much and encouraged me to do things that I would never have done before. I am so proud of myself for where I have come to

in such a short space of time. 


Give it a go, you have nothing to lose and it could just be the change in your life that you need!



Şirin has given me invaluable

advice about many aspects of parenting. I value and trust her advice because she encourages

me to do what is the most

natural approach for me and

the baby. 


Her advice during my pregnancy was crucial for preparation for

my daughter’s arrival but she

also supported me on my parenting journey from Day 1! 


I really like her approach that not every baby is the same and I should try to understand my

baby and do what feels right.


I have been working closely with Max Hewitt in a number of areas

for the past year. During our time together his dedication, consideration, compassion and kindness have shone through.


Max has used his knowledge and experience as a healthcare professional to assist me time

and again with both physical

and psychological advice.


His support and friendship are

now a large part of my development, and I hope they

will be a big part of my future,

as well.




Innate Living

Şirin & Max Hewitt