Our Mission

Through our Holistic Life Coaching, we help people to reconnect to their true selves, to nature and to an innate way of living. We believe in a holistic and personalised approach (as one size does not fit all!); in order to promote the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of our clients.

Our mission is to support and empower people to free themselves from the chains, the shame and the conditioning dictated to us by the system we live in. We aim to inspire people to question how we live, what we have been sold as 'normal' and to break the cycles... in order to live a happier, healthier and more conscious life.


We are Max and Şirin Hewitt, the founders of Innate Living.

We are husband and wife, parents to our wonderful son, and individual Life Coaches; 

who currently live in Bristol, UK. 


We believe that every human has the right to freedom, love, happiness and good health;

and we are committed to supporting and empowering people to live the life that they deserve and love.

We strongly believe that the mind and body cannot be separated, and that a holistic approach is needed in order to achieve complete well-being; 

rather than merely dealing with the symptoms of a broken system. 

We therefore decided to join together to create a Holistic Life Coaching program, which combines Max's knowledge and experience in nutrition, physical health and fitness, with Şirin's knowledge and experience in mental health, support with parenting and relationships.

We highly value honesty, integrity and vulnerability; and strive to always be transparent and humble with our clients. We believe that we learn as much from our clients as they do from us! Our client's needs and well-being will always be more important to us than money.

Şirin Hewitt

I am a Holistic Life Coach, Conscious Parenting Coach, Author, Social Activist and Unschooling Mother. I was born in London, with Turkish and Cypriot ethnicity. I love all humans and I am passionate about supporting and empowering people all over the world.

I have a degree in Sociology; and prior to becoming a coach, I had worked for several charities and organisations offering various levels of support to refugees, asylum seekers, detainees, foreign national prisoners, students and social workers.

I have a Life Coaching Diploma and have completed several coaching and personal development courses with Dr Gabor Maté, Preston Smiles and Alison Armstrong, to name a few. I love learning and I am committed to always continuing my own journey of self-development. 

I also write a blog and offer support to parents on my Innate Parenting website.

Max Hewitt

I am a Health and Fitness Coach, Holistic Life Coach and an Unschooling Father. I also offer physical and emotional  support specifically to men, and I am currently in the process of becoming a registered Personal Trainer.

I have worked in the UK healthcare sector for 13 years. 
I am proud of working for the National Health Service (NHS); however, to quote the acclaimed
Dr Rangan Chatterjee, 

"our NHS is fantastic, there are certain things that we're really good at - like acute problems. But with chronic conditions that aren't life threatening but make your life miserable,
some of the time we're not as good as we could be...
As doctors, we’re largely taught to ‘cure illnesses’ by just treating symptoms. Our training is not as useful for the current epidemic of chronic lifestyle-related conditions that now flood our surgeries."

This has fuelled my desire to do something to address the root causes, rather than 'fix' the symptoms. I believe that this can only be done by looking at a person and their lifestyle as a whole. It is my mission to offer support to people and work with them towards a better quality of life. 

I have completed coaching programs and courses with Dr Gabor Maté, Preston Smiles and Alison Armstrong; and am continuing my training with Gary Ward, Wim Hof and Chris Kresser.

Innate Living

Şirin & Max Hewitt