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The Mind, Body, Soul Reconnect

A 6 month 1:1 online coaching program 

Heal from past traumas/wounds by working WITH your nervous system; 

to reconnect to your innate self
and e
stablish mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual health and wellbeing. 

Dancing in Park

This is for you if:

  • You feel depressed, anxious, stressed, burnt out, disconnected or lonely.

  • You put yourself down, lack confidence, self-love or self-worth.

  • You struggle with putting your own needs first, speaking your truth, establishing boundaries or people pleasing.

  • You find yourself feeling happy and content if everything is going well, but end up back in despair each time your external circumstances change.

  • You have tried therapy or counselling, to only get short term relief.

  • Your relationships are strained and you constantly fall out with your loved ones.
    You wish you could communicate better, connect more and have more quality time together.

  • You wish you enjoyed life more, had a job that you were excited about and were able to work less and have more free time.

  • You spend hours scrolling on social media or binge watching Netflix, you long for the alcohol every evening, constantly crave junk food or do anything else that makes you feel better/distracts you.

  • You wonder if there is more to life, or if THIS is it.

What if you could:

  • Get to the root of everything you are feeling and experiencing,
    AND change it ONCE AND FOR ALL?


  • Experience self-love, self-worth, confidence, freedom, happiness and love?

  • Reconnect to your true-self, to your body, and learn to trust your instincts.

  • Establish healthy boundaries and stop people pleasing?

  • Create a life that you LOVE, on YOUR terms; making your dreams and goals a reality?

  • Have healthier, happier and thriving relationships?

Happy Family

What you get for 6 months:

  • Weekly 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions (via video call).

  • Weekly online assignments.

  • DAILY access to support and coaching (via Telegram Messaging app).

  • Lifetime access to course content and resources.

Le​arn exactly why you are experiencing ALL of the issues you are experiencing
(whether they are mental, physical, emotional, social or spiritual);

Understand exactly what attachment is, why it is so important, and how your attachment issues and childhood traumas/wounds were formed;


Understand how your nervous system works and how to regulate it;

Start to reconnect to your body and learn how to truly listen to and honour what it is communicating;

Understand how social and cultural conditioning, as well as shame, play a role in your traumas/wounds;

Become empowered and start healing;

Understand how the ego works and begin to recognise the narratives and limiting beliefs that your mind has created (in order to protect and ensure your survival);

Rewire your brain (while working with your body and nervous system), in order to create permanent positive changes, beliefs, confidence, self-love and self-worth;

Gain deeper knowledge and understanding of your addictions and how to optimise
your physical health (including nutrition, movement, sleep and rest);

Reconnect to your innate self, so that you can align with your values,
boundaries, dreams, goals and sense of 'purpose';

Learn how to communicate in healthier ways, heal your relationships and find your village/tribe.

ALL of this for ONLY £100 peweek

or a £50pw payment plan

and a 7 day no questions asked money back guarantee



Hi, I'm Şirin Özgür.

I am certified in Holistic Life Coaching, as well as Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy. I believe that the capitalist system that we live in is a root cause of the problems that we are currently experiencing - mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. I also believe that it is a root cause of the traumas/wounds that have negatively impacted our previous generations... and thus continues to be passed down to current and future generations. We are relational beings, designed to survive and thrive COLLECTIVELY; to have guidance, support and wisdom from our tribe and our elders (from a young age); to be present and connected to ourselves, through others and through nature. But the system we live in, the lifestyles we lead and the way we are taught and conditioned are causing more and more disconnection from ourselves - our mind, body and soul, from others, from nature and from our innate way of living.


This is why chronic stress, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disorders, other mental and physical health issues, feelings of shame, people pleasing and lack of self-love / self-worth are higher than ever. It is why more and more of us are feeling lost, empty, confused, broken and lacking purpose and deep, lasting relationships. This is also precisely why I personally have adopted what some may consider a 'radical lifestyle'... why I have said no to sending my kids to school, to working a 9-5 job (and for someone else), implementing minimalism, ground living and much more.


I take a holistic and bottom-up approach, because I want to set you up for success. I want to create long lasting changes and get to the ROOT of your problems, rather than endlessly trying to 'fix' your symptoms (which is sadly what the majority of the 'solutions' offered in our system do). I create a safe, compassionate, confidential and non-judgemental space. I give you the guidance, tools and a proven process to help you reconnect to your innate self, thus become empowered to heal and create change. 


Our 'personalities', labels and conditions are not set in stone... we do not have to accept them! I am here to show you that what is considered 'normal' is not the best (or only) way... and that we can do better to break the cycles for ourselves and future generations.


Claire Teakle Metcalfe

"The value of the holistic life coaching program with Şirin is priceless. Purely from my change in attitude and outlook; I don't believe a monetary value could quantify it! You can't even begin to imagine the changes, and the way that they ripple through every aspect of your life. Şirin is an incredible lady and she is so easy to talk to."


Sharon Forrest

"Within the first month of having weekly sessions I can notice a difference in myself. The opportunity to reflect on my past, understand my triggers and challenge my own narratives has been transformative. Having this time to focus on myself, my emotions and my pain has helped me have breakthroughs I could not even have foreseen!"


Ioana Barbu

"Grateful for my amazing Holistic Life Coach, Şirin, looking after my mental health and her knowledge of women's bodies. I'd recommend her with my whole heart, she genuinely got me through my darkest time!"

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